3 Star Great Taste Success for Oat & Seed Biscuits

We are delighted to announce that our Oat & Seed Savoury Biscuits have won a 3 Star Great Taste Award this year! This is the highest accolade in the food industry. To achieve a 3 Star award, the judges must decide that the product is:

Extraordinarily tasty foods – less than 3% of products are awarded 3-stars each year – don’t leave the shop without buying it!

We are so proud that one of the first and longest running products we created here at Hillside, is still winning awards 10 years on.

In addition to this, we also scooped two 2 Star Awards for the Lemon Curd and Passionfruit Curd that we do for Selfridges, and two 1 Star Awards for our Goats’ Cheese & Black Pepper Straws for Harvey Nichols and our Craft Ale Wholegrain Mustard.

Beating off competition from over 12,000 other products entered this year, we’re pretty pleased with another Great Taste success this year!